• Dissertation bindings
    The binding fee for standard dissertations ranges between £25 – £40 (depending on numbers, materials and extras).
    If a book is over 30mm in thickness it must be over sewn in which case there is an additional charge of £5 per book.


  • Book Repair
    I do basic book repair and mending, If proper restorations are needed a book conservationist need to employed. Cloth, paper and leather repairs are undertaken. All work is done with sensitivity to the book’s original style of binding. I do works of paper repair, mending, re-sewing and more. If rebinding is not appropriate, or if repairs are too costly to undertake then, archival storage boxes may be the answer. As with all book repair, the cost of rebinding depends on the size and condition of the book, as well as the materials used, and whether the old covers and spine are to be saved or a completely new cover is needed. Pricing all depends on what the condition of the book is and what you want done to it.


  • Box making
    I custom make slipcases, drop-back boxes etc to protect your books, papers, prints and other treasures. Boxes are made to suit your needs.


  • Custom Bindings
    Most things are possible.


To the uninitiated full leather binding may seem outrageously expensive. It is true that not every book may deserve a full leather binding, but the extra expense can be justified in many cases.

If the book has value; whether monetary, historical, or sentimental, it is a very good candidate for a full leather binding. The price of full leather binding varies according to the cost of leather and other materials, plus labour which can be time consuming as complexity increases. A starting price for full leather books is around £200.

I do all work by hand and use traditional tools, equipment and materials. Each project that comes in requires different attention, so prices can vary widely. Price is based entirely on the cost of materials plus labour.

Listed below are basic starting prices for various binding styles:

Cloth £30 – £40
Book Repair Anything from £20 and up
1/4 Leather £125 and up
1/2 Leather £175 and up
Full Leather £200 and up
Slipcase £25 and up
Drop-back box £65 and up
Periodicals £55 and up
Dissertations £30- £40
Simple Edition £50 and up

The most important factor concerning paper for a book is that the grain of the paper runs parallel with the binding edge of the book, otherwise it will become wavy and affect the whole binding, for which I will not be responsible or liable for if this is still the case.

Another important factor to consider is margin size. About 15-20 mm is required on the inner margin for sewing and an additional 15-20 mm on the outer edges will allow ample room for trimming.

I can bind books from single sheets, or from folded signatures. Books with folded signatures are of better quality and generally lay open better than those bound with single sheets, but there is a trade off, as the expense in both printing and binding in signature form is greater.