Your little monster

This is a personalised service I provide. Commission a monster print tailored to the mini monster in your life. As a gift for someone, or just for your own little cheeky one, you won’t be able to resist these monster prints.

You will be able to decide among almost a 100 different monster designs, so I’m sure you’ll find one that will fit your mini monster. You can decide whether to have a blurb or not and if you do, what you want it to say. Provide me with a small text that you want printed along with the monster illustration. It can be cheeky, sarcastic, in a form of a small story, basically whatever you want written, although not more than 10 lines, please see examples below.

This is a personalised service. The print will be printed on a heavier structured art paper (Arches or Hahnemuhle paper), the size of the print is A4 (210 x 294mm). The print is black/white. A print costs £30. If you’re interested in ordering a print, please proceed to the shop to make your choices.